Assessing Trump’s first 100 days

Margaret Sullivan of The Washington Post, one of our leading media columnists, has assessed the performance of the press following President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

Sullivan is a staunch critic of the president. So here is a column by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, a Trump supporter, who has a very different take on the first 100 days.

By the way, we’ll be using the Post quite a bit this semester, as it is a great national newspaper on a par with The New York Times, and is free to anyone with an .edu email address.


How Trump uses cable TV — and how others use cable to influence Trump

Photo (cc) 2010 by James Vaughan.

President Trump is obsessed with television, and watches cable news — especially Fox — all hours of the day and night. In this article, The Washington Post looks at Trump’s relationship with cable, and how everyone from international leaders to members of his own administration use it to influence the president.

How Trump’s untraditional conservatism wreaked havoc with conservative media

Fox News Channel store in Houston. Photo (cc) 2006 by Catharine Robertson.

President Trump was elected as the head of a conservative party even though he doesn’t hold particularly conservative views.

This Politico Magazine story by Eliana Johnson offers a detailed inside look at how Trump and his supporters wreaked havoc with traditionally conservative media outlets such as the Fox News Channel and The Wall Street Journal while giving rise to outsider media such as Breitbart News. Fascinating stuff.