Lylah Alphonse of U.S. News discusses newsmagazines and Trump’s Washington

Our final thank you of the semester goes to Lylah Alphonse, managing editor for news at U.S. News & World Report, who shared her insights with us on Wednesday. Her topics included the evolution of newsmagazines, the challenge of covering Washington in the age of Trump, and her own career path.


Make-up quiz/extra-credit assignment

If you missed last Thursday’s news quiz, or if you would like an extra-credit assignment, I’ve got one for you. Please find a pro-Trump and an anti-Trump piece of opinion journalism on an issue of interest to you. Write an analysis of no more than 500 words explaining what you like and don’t like about the two pieces, which one you agree with, and why. Make sure you link to the two pieces.

Send it to me by email no later than next Wednesday, June 21, at 9 a.m. For those of you who missed the quiz, this will count as a substitute. For those of you who want extra credit, I will throw out your lowest quiz grade and substitute this instead.

We have two more quizzes to go. I haven’t decided yet whether they will be in class or take-home. But please make every possible effort to attend class this Thursday and next.

James Comey and the conservative media

I have posted a topic in the discussion forum on Blackboard titled “James Comey and the conservative media.” Please follow the instructions and post something by Tuesday at 9 a.m. This will not be difficult. I am only asking you to write a sentence or two describing what you found.